James Roth is an Sr. IT Coordinator for a Non-Profit organization.  He has been with the company since November 2012.  In 2009, James Roth started freelance IT work for local businesses.   His area of expertise include; Networking (WAN/LAN), Debian Linux, Ubiquiti products, Windows Server 2012 (AD, DHCP, DNS, NPS, File Server), ESET Endpoint/Smart Security Suite, Mikrotik, Synology NAS, VPN, Nginx, Apache, Redis, SSL certificates, MySQL, LEMP server, LAMP server, and WordPress.

James Roth has finished his Bachelor of Science Info Tech with a specialization in Networking and Operations.  He plans to continue on to get his Masters or MBA.  James also holds the following certifications; A+, Network+, MCTS, Ubiquiti UEWA, and SMART Certified Trainer.

James Roth currently resides in Milford, IL.


James Roth